A Quick Overlook of Tips – Your Cheatsheet

A Quick Overlook of Tips – Your Cheatsheet

The Role of Character Motivation

Motivation is defined as the reason behind a character’s specific action or behavior and its characterized by the character’s own consent and willingness to do something. Intrinsic motivation is linked to personal pleasure, enjoyment and interest while extrinsic motivation is linked to some physical reward such as money or power and these are the two types of motivation. The difference between intrinsic and extrinsic is that intrinsic rewards are inspired from internal energy such as knowledge, pride, spiritual or emotional peace extrinsic motivation is more of physical rewards such money and power. The function of motivation is that its used to connect the behavior and actions of a character with the events of the story as it serves as the logical explanation of what a character does.

Effective characterization of unified and dominant motivation is inevitable as great characters have great motivation is achieved. A character’s motivation is principled by the following factors that is people are driven by resentment and the healing power and driving force of revenge. Character motivation includes; revenge, self-preservation, greed, love, duty or honor, curiosity and self-satisfaction.

The tips in character motivation include the following a character can motivation in terms of general desires, in terms of goals, in terms of the things they wish to avoid, character motivations generally grow with the character and the plot outline, all character types need motivation and finally don’t let the character motivation intimate you.

Outlining every character in their book and state the emotional, intellectual or situational force pushing them in the story this aids in figuring the basic and core part of a character is what is meant by not letting a character motivation intimidate you. The other tip was that all character types need motivation and this is meant that every character you create requires some sort of motivation because all believable people want something even if it includes avoiding pain just to seek pleasure.

By being motivated to avoid pain, death and destruction as the next tip in terms of the things they wish to avoid is what results to most characters being believable. In order to avoid being helpless when their town for example is being destroyed by an overcoming force then characters with these kind of motivation that results in avoiding pain, death and destruction is required.

Depending on the story then characters grow with character motivations and the plot outline. Most services that offer character motivation have websites which they use to communicate with their clients. From these websites, information regarding the services offered in the areas is available on these sites. Some character motivation companies are specific about the types of services they offer. Character motivation is an important facet of creating intriguing character arcs in stories.

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