5 Strategies For Increasing Energy Efficiency In Your Sports Complex

5 Strategies For Increasing Energy Efficiency In Your Sports Complex

Increase Energy Efficiency in Your Sports Complex | SFA SFM

It sure requires a lot of money to keep a Sports Complex up to date. A very great percentage of this money goes to energy consumption.

In this article, we’ll share five effective strategies that will help you increase energy efficiency in your Sports Complex. These strategies will help you cut down on electricity bills too.

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 Below are five strategies that can help you increase energy efficiency in your sports complex.

1.     Air Conditioning/Filtering:

Nothing helps you conserve energy and improve efficiency more than a good air conditioning unit. It would interest you to know that clogged AC units not only reduce the working of the AC, it also increases the energy consumed. This is why we strongly advise that you Change your AC filters at calculated intervals so that you can increase energy efficiency to the greatest level possible.

2.     Check the Lighting:

Light is indeed wasted more than any other element in the complex and so if you do not upgrade to energy-efficient lighting, you will be drained. Lights are important for better vision, and they give beauty to a place. You can maximize lighting by making use of energy efficient bulbs. These bulbs last longer than the other bulbs, and they consume less energy. This is why you should make use of LED lights in your sports complex.

3.     Use Equipment That Conserve Energy:

Energy conserved in a system can be reused and carbon emissions are reduced. Every machine that consumes so much energy is one bound to leak it at some point. When upgrading your equipment, check the energy star rating. You should also acquiesce yourself with the fact that these types of equipment also cost more money than the other ones. But it’s a worthy investment. They last very long, and they help you optimize energy. They’re totally worth your money.

4.     Water Preservation:

Water is used in the sports complex to water the fields, in the pools, for cleaning, and in the restrooms. Aside from light, water is very highly used. You can set up a water recycling system in your complex and make use of rainwater. This will go a long way in helping you cut cost and increase efficiency.

5.     Use of Solar Energy:

Solar energy, that is the energy from the sun, can be converted to electricity which is so much cheaper and has less effect on the environment. It is also able to carry a lot of load, depending on the quality of the solar panels. The location of your sports complex is very important here as solar energy is from the sun.

Final Notes

Increasing Energy Efficiency in your Sports Complex is no rocket science after all. Energy conservation is one of the best things to do. Not only is it beneficial to you and the users of the complex, it is also beneficial to the environment. Energy conservation is one of the best ways to save the environment from danger. We hope the strategies we’ve shared in this article help you increase energy efficiency as much as you desire.

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