The Essential Laws of Resources Explained

The Essential Laws of Resources Explained

Facts about Paul Marciano, – Co-Owner of GUESS

Guess is a brand name associated with the Denim designer clothing made by the Marciano brothers. The brothers before they came to America they are believed to have originated from France before they decided to chase there American dream and ventured into the fashion design industry. Bloomingdale purchase of their brand Denim is what made them known to other purchasers thus making them famous. More customers managed to buy their cloth design making them famous

The brand Guess has been synonymous with the Marciano family with the actual fact being that Paul Marciano among the brothers was the actual person who was the major figure in the business. The country Morocco, in a town known as Debdou is where he was born. His family was Jewish to which they had to move from their original stay to France, a city by the name Marseilles together with his other siblings named Jacqueline, Maurice, Armand and Georges. Being jews his father’s great-grandfather, grandfather and father were both in doctrine as staunch rabbis.The brothers together with Paul Marciano later in life joined the Jewish Boy Scout. He never managed to complete his education since he got himself and a friend involved in a motor accident that forced him to discontinue from school.

As of recent times the initial start of the company by the four brothers with renown brands such as the G by Guess and Marciano are controlled by Paul and Maurice.Contrary to many theories, it’s actually the two brothers who were the main creators and still manage the brand.Paul and Maurice moved to California in 1981, and they started their first customized clothing line called Guess at store in Beverley Hills. Characters that wore their Guess cloth featured in famous movies, clothes that were specifically gotten from their cloth line and specifically customized for the actors.

There inspiration is derived from the California Style of dressing to which the Marciano brothers managed to draw from way back in the years. They fell for everything that related to the West Coast style of wear. In order for them to keep their popularity at par, they had to reinvent their style where they drew a lot of inspiration from their Guess line of clothing.

Guess has had its fair share of the many controversies related to the industry.There were cases of consumers boycotting to purchase their tee’s in the early 2000s, while before there were huge debacle in the 1990s at their sweatshop outlets. They were able to prevent further damage through the incorporation of a strong network of public relation team that was to improve its relationship with the consumers in order to improve on their customer care relation. The brand Guess came up with a new concept in designer jeans which prior to this there were no designer jeans and there was a need to put awareness to their consumers regarding their perception that later improved through the awareness of designer jeans that had a brand signature and design

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